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A crowdsourced mobile network.

How it works

It starts with you

Connect your Volk Fi router to your home Internet to make a long-range hotspot for your Volk 1 phone
Volk 1 and Volk Fi Router

And you share with others

Your Volk Fi router provides connectivity to Volk 1 users nearby

Then others share with you

When you're away from home, you can connect via other Volk Fi routers and phones

Providing everyone access even at a distance

Multi-hop routing allows you to reach devices that are further away

All with fair usage

Volk Fi meters each user's data contribution and allows them to use the same amount for free
Fair Usage

And more coverage not less

Instead of slowing down or becoming less reliable from congestion, Volk services actually gets faster and more reliable

Building a network one person at a time

Volk Fi & Volk 1 Pricing Volk Fi & Volk 1 Pricing Volk Fi & Volk 1 Pricing
Volk 1 logo
+ Volk Fi Router

Midnight Black

Snow White






5 GB of free data per/mo and $1/GB for additional data or Unlimited Free Data is available if you help the network and share your Wi-Fi.